283 Student Scholarship Contracts Signed for the 2017/18 Academic Year

The scholarship contracts of the Hastor Foundation’s college scholarship holders were signed today (November 11, 2017), at the ASA-Prevent Group headquarters. This year, the scholarship contracts were signed by 283 students from different universities across Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The students were first greeted by teacher Ramo and the Foundation’s director, who congratulated those who were present and wished them success in the new academic year, whereas the members of the administration team explained the basic terms of the contract, the Foundation’s rules and principles of its work.

The scholarship contract signing for this school/academic year is completed with the signing of student scholarship contracts, taking into consideration the fact that the Call for the Scholarship Applications for a smaller number of students will be issued near the end of the year.

This year, the scholarship contracts were signed by 704 primary school pupils, 873 secondary school pupils, and 283 students, and the total number of the Hastor Foundation’s scholarship holders is 1860. For the first time this year, 328 primary and secondary school pupils signed their scholarship contracts.

We wish our primary and secondary school pupils and our students good luck, success and excellent grades in this school and academic year!