The Hastor Foundation: A Place Where Success and Sense of Togetherness Meet

On Saturday, the 9th of February, college student scholarship holders from all across Bosnia and Herzegovina gathered at the Main Assembly Hall of the ASA Prevent Group.

Some of the scholarship holders began their journey as early as four o’clock in the morning so that they could arrive in time for the meeting and seize the day in the best possible way: by acquiring new skills and knowledge, exchanging their viewpoints and thoughts with people who have similar interests, but also enjoying the wonderful atmosphere of togetherness that is one of the Hastor Foundation’s key characteristics. The monthly meeting of the scholarship holders began with teacher Ramo addressing those present and sharing words of wisdom concerning the fields of pedagogy and education – two fields in which he has been accumulating knowledge his whole life. The Foundation’s scholarship holders had an opportunity to listen to one of the renowned experts on pedagogy and education, but Teacher Ramo did not limit his short lecture by focusing only on the aforementioned fields; he touched upon universal values shared by all humankind. Those present had many comments, and their viewpoints and attitudes on the topic helped make this lecture even more relevant and successful.

During the second part of the meeting, young people, who are the most recent additions to the Hastor Foundation, introduced themselves to their fellow scholarship holders. Afterwards, all of the scholarship holders were divided into groups, but given the same task to complete. Each group was assigned one of the monthly compulsory topics for 2018/2019. The students had to come up with the best possible way of presenting the given topic during a volunteering meeting, but they also had to foreground the merit of acquiring certain knowledge and skill sets. Some of the assigned topics revolved around the following: learning foreign languages, first aid, public speaking, and pioneers of sports and art. Once the time allocated for completing this task was up, all group leaders presented and summarized the key findings and conclusions of their respective group. Other students mainly listened, but also expressed their opinions and added to the discussion. At the end of the meeting, the scholarship holders offered their overall impressions and then used the remaining time to talk between themselves and get to know each other better.     

Razim Medinić