Adisa Bolić Continues Her Success

Adisa Bolic, our scholar, delighted us again with her success. At this year’s International Mathematical Olympiad held in Hong Kong from 6th to 16th July, our country’s representatives won four bronze medals, and our Adisa was one of them.


She is a third-year studet at the Turkish-Bosnian college in Sarajevo. Her extraordinary talent and affection towards Maths are well known to us in Hastor Foundation, but also to the public thanks to her success at national and international competitions. Our Adisa, and other representatives of Bosnia and Herzegovina at this Olympiad are truly ambassadors of this country – representatives of success, talent, young force and everything beautiful our county can internationally offer. News about success as this one is contribute to a positive picture of our society. We in Hastor Foundation especially celebrate the success of our scholars, because their success are the crown of our work.

Dž. Otuzbir