Maja Mehmedovic’s Recipe for Success

What is necessary in order to accomplish our goals and be successful? Some would say talent, some tenacity, while others would say love. For Maja Mehmedovic, hard work takes the number one spot, and it is closely followed by support. In addition to these two, to the mix is also added perseverance, self-discipline, as well as other ingredients which possibly include chance. 

On Saturday, 10th of June, the scholarship holders of the Hastor Foundation who were present at the monthly meeting had an opportunity to listen to the life story of Maja Mehmedovic, the CEO and the board member of ProCredit Bank. What was particularly interesting to the college student scholarship holders was the fact that Mrs. Mehmedovic is one of “Foundation’s children”.

Maja’s life journey began in Sarajevo. Her childhood innocence ended with the outbreak of war in our region, and because of it she left Sarajevo with her parents and sought refuge in Split, and later in Germany where she finished her secondary school and university level education. Adjusting to the new surroundings and overcoming the language barrier posed a highly challenging obstacle which Maja, nevertheless, managed to overcome with considerable effort she put in every day and for hours on end.  She also points out that, while on this path, she received the support of not only her parents, but also of the school principal, the professors, and a certain German foundation later on. Hard work and support are two significant aspects that had ensured that Maja finished the secondary school in Germany as the third best student in the whole school, that she finished two different colleges and that she found a job. Through all of this, she as an individual grew and reached self-actualization. She also emphasizes that besides hard work and support, criticism is also important for one’s development, but only if it is well-meaning,

Every successful person has their own recipe for success. At the monthly meetings, the scholarship holders of the Hastor Foundation are not infrequently given an opportunity to listen to the inspirational life stories of successful people and after hearing each of them we can note that all of these recipes for success do have something in common. At our June meeting we learned that success can never simply fall in one’s lap. The prerequisite of success is plenty of hard work, effort and perseverance, and an additional gust of wind in one’s sails comes from love, support, as well as chance.

Our guest reminded us of the great importance of our Foundation, and we can particularly point out the enormous value of personal connections we make. Each month our scholarship holders have an opportunity to meet somebody who is more than 50 or 100 kilometers away from them, or at an even greater distance. This is a place where you make friends for life, friends who are, despite the little differences that make us unique, brought together by the Hastor Foundation – a thread which connects all of our hearts.

Sadzida Kosovac