A Mini School of Journalism and Media Literacy

On Saturday, 8th of July, a monthly meeting of the Hastor Foundation’s college student scholarship holders was held at the Main Assembly Hall of the ASA Group. A presentation delivered by Mirza Okic, scholarship holder of the Hastor Foundation, was central to this month’s gathering. Mirza spoke of a nowadays incredibly relevant and significant topic of journalism, media literacy, but he also touched upon the media trends of today.


Mirza, who has also recently obtained a degree in cultural studies, aimed to present the scholarship holders with key terminology and principles of journalism, as well as address the all-pervading phenomenon of media manipulation under whose effect a majority of the population is unwittingly held. Mirza supported his claims with numerous examples from everyday life, and asserted that it is vitally important that the strategy for facing the aforementioned manipulation comprises of critical thinking, critical approach to the presented information and use of multiple news sources and media outlets. Once the presentation came to an end, the comments of the scholarship holders and their spontaneous discussion indicated that the presentation was very successful and its topic interesting, and that the meetings held in this manner are incredibly stimulating for the scholarship holders.

In the latter part of the meeting, the scholarship holders were given an opportunity to participate in a highly interactive workshop and could thus put the newly acquired knowledge to practical use and try their hand at writing an article. This was a valuable experience for the scholarship holders, and their enthusiasm was another indicator of the versatility of all the Hastor Foundation scholarship holders, as well as their aspirations to become knowledgeable in multiple fields of interest.


Babic Mia, Delic Ajsa, Hasic Anesa, Huseinbasic Amina, Lugonja Jasmina, Mujanovic Sumejja