Girls from Goražde break down prejudices about men’s and women’s occupations

Secondary vocational school “Džemal Bijedić” Goražde is the only one in BiH that offers the profession of plastic processor, and 10 girls who enrolled in this […]

Students attending the educational programme for the occupation plastic processing operator in Bosnia and Herzegovina might soon be able to choose companies for practical training

The allocation of students to practical trainings at companies in Bosnia-Podrinje Canton Goražde had so far been based on an agreement between the school principle and […]

Hastor Foundation scholarship holders successfully implemented the “Book for All” project

Every month, Hastor Foundation college student scholarship holders set aside time to participate in activities within the local community, provide assistance to the elderly and those […]

Scholarship holder Amar Velagić took part in the 31st International Meeting of Poets “Garavi sokak”

            The Hastor Foundation regularly presents proactive students and scholarship holders who contact us to share their successes. One of them is also Amar Velagić, who […]

Our scholarship holder Dženefa Kauković published the book “Have I Survived?”

Dženefa Kauković, student of Preschool education at the Pedagogical Faculty of the University of Bihać, is better known by her pen name Džana, which she used […]

Fashion story in Bosanski Petrovac, a project of scholarship holder Belma Gutlić

That small people, individuals, make miracles and succeed solely due to their hard work and perseverance is proven by the story of our Belma Gutlić, who […]