Adelisa Begic Publishes Her First Book

Our scholarship holder Adelisa Begic from Jajce, who is almost 16 years old, has published her first book! The novel with the title “Tvoja ljepota mijenja svijet” was written when Adelisa was only 14 years old, and as she reveals to us, her second book is being prepared as well.

Adelisa has been the Hastor Foundation’s scholarship holder for two years. She lives in Jajce, where she is a pupil at the Secondary medical school „Nikola Sop“. She says that she really loves to read. At the beginning she read Nura Bazdulj-Hubijar, and now she often reads Nora Roberts and other American bestsellers. Writing is for her a way to escape the reality and visit a more beautiful world which she gladly puts on paper, and since those papers have begun to multiply, she decided to collect them all in a novel.

„As most of my peers decide to do sports or spend their leisure time in cafes, writing is what fulfills me and through it I wander into another sphere, somewhere where things are as I want them to be. I find inspiration in everything. The books I write have no connection to my life. I write the book, not the other way around“, says Adelisa.

The story of the novel “Tvoja ljepota mijenja svijet” is set in Sarajevo, the city that has a special meaning for Adelisa. It is a romance novel, and the characters and events in it are the result of her imagination. She plans to have the first book promotion in her city Jajce, and her wish is to have promotions for her book in other cities as well.

The support of the Hastor Foundation really means a lot to me and I was delighted and very grateful that you called me today. I plan to continue with my education in Bosnia and Herzegovina. I want to stay in my country and here build my career as a writer, but also in the field of medicine. I love medicine and want to continue with it“, says our scholarship holder.

Everyone in the Hastor Foundation is extremely proud of Adelisa and we wish her success and many great publications in the future!


Dzulisa Otuzbir