On Thursday, April 28, in the ASA Art Gallery, a formal opening of the art exhibition ‘Decade of Happiness’ was organised.  This was the first among many events through which the Hastor Foundation would be marking its anniversary, a decade of its existence and constant investment in education, excellence and prosperity.


All participants were welcomed by Seid Fijuljanin, the director of the Hastor Foundation, who, in more detail, explained the importance of the exhibition and the whole jubilee year for the Hastor Foundation. During the introduction of the program, Seid presented a very important person who greatly contributed to the success, progress and significance of the Foundation, and that was our dear teacher Ramo. In his short speech, the teacher discovered how it was at the very beginnings of the Hastor Foundation and how, through many years of work, it achieved a great progress and success. On his own behalf, and on behalf of the entire Hastor Foundation, Mehmed Mehic, a scholarship holder of the Foundation, handed a gift to the teacher. The gift was his work of art in which was invested a lot of time and effort.

Among the exhibited art works of our scholarship holders there were also the art works of the members of the Association of Visual Artists of Bosnia and Herzegovina with whom we had organized this exhibition. Painter Muhammad Ceif, one of the members of the Association of Visual Artists of Bosnia and Herzegovina, presented the international art colony Pocitelj which brought together artists from all around the country and the world. The Association of Artists of Bosnia and Herzegovina is the founder of the Art Colony.

The guests enjoyed while they toured the exhibited works. The exhibition was enriched by musical performances of our scholarship holders, and everyone was especially impressed with the performance of our scholarship holder Adna Orascanin. She is a primary school student; her performance on the accordion was rewarded with a big applause. All who were present, together with some of the top artists, showed their enthusiasm and gave positive reviews for this event and the works that were exhibited. The Hastor Foundation is proud to have such talented young artists. After this, there will be a series of events that will be held in period from April to September, on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the Hastor Foundation.

M. Pišković