Do Good and Do Well: Vernisa Rejhan’s Story

The monthly meeting of the college student scholarship holders was held on ASA Group’s premises on Saturday, 9th of December. Inspirational life stories are frequently shared during our meetings, and the story of our today’s guest was the very definition of inspirational.

In times like these when most young people seek better jobs and wish to start anew in the countries of Western Europe, it is practically unheard of that there are those who come to BH in order to use their knowledge and experience in their native country. That is the reason why the life story of Vernisa Rejhan, chief operating officer at the Bosnian office of Swedish company Softhouse, should be taken as an example which shows that people should always be aware of their inherent potential and believe in their abilities.

Prior to assuming the leadership position in this IT company, Vernisa held a highly desirable position in Stockholm, and prior to that worked at Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) as a lean management coach and trainer.

In addition to currently being a chief operating officer at Softhouse, Vernisa is a member of the Board of Directors at BH Futures Foundation, a board member at APU Network and one of the founders of Leaders Tribe BIH forum.

She was born in Donji Vakuf and spent her childhood there up until she left for Croatia with her mother and sister, this action being directly caused by the outbreak of war. Although they did not plan to be away from their country for a long period of time, circumstances led them to reach Sweden where Vernisa had lived until January 2017.

Vernisa had to walk a long and winding path until she reached her current position at a successful IT company. At 15 she gained her first work experience, and for her and young people in general, such opportunities were offered fairly early on thanks to the Swedish system. Her formal education was enriched by various student jobs, and Vernisa emphasizes the one at a nursing facility where she worked with the elderly and learned to appreciate life and opportunities given to her. Completion of her studies and significant work experience in a variety of job paved the way for her first major employment opportunities, first at Telge Energi and then at Scandinavian Airlines. In time, the executive position at Softhouse’s office in Bosnia and Herzegovina was offered to her, and after 25 years during which she gained extensive knowledge and skills, Vernisa returned to her home country.

Our society will undoubtedly benefit greatly from Vernisa’s return, while her life story is a source of inspiration for our scholarship holders, motivating them to continue striving for success. They were reminded that before they can reach their ultimate goal they will have to walk a thorny path. Each step on this path, however, will mean new and valuable knowledge, experience and acquaintances, acquaintances being particularly important in Vernisa’s view, because surrounding oneself with great people is what facilitates the creation of an environment necessary for achieving success.

Dzulisa Otuzbir