At the end of the old and the beginning of the new year, we want to devote our attention to our students who achieved admirable results during their formal education due to their effort, persistence and work, and therefore received various accolades and titles. Some of them were awarded the Golden or Silver Badge, others the Dean’s or some other award. We are proud to present them.

Rijad Muminović

Our Rijad graduated from the second cycle of studies at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Sarajevo, Department of Automation and Electronics. He earned the title of a Master of Engineering (Automation and Electronics). His GPA for his studies (both cycles) was 9.92 and he is therefore a proud owner of the Golden Badge of the University of Sarajevo.

“Being a member of the Hastor Foundation meant a lot to me in many respects. I spent most of the time with the IT team and contributed to creating the Foundation’s platform, as well as to improving and maintaining the official web site of the Hastor Foundation. This provided me with a better perspective in terms of modern technologies, and a rare opportunity to work on a platform/product which has a direct impact on such a large group of people. In addition to learning about technologies, the aforementioned projects improved my professional skills. The monthly meetings always broadened my perspective of the world and brought new friendships, so I left every one of them quite content. There is no doubt that all these experiences helped shape my personality in a positive manner.”

Dina Osmanović

Our Dina graduated from the International Burch University, Department of Genetics and Engineering, and earned the title of an Engineer in Genetics and Bioengineering. She graduated with a GPA of 9.8 and for this she earned the Academic Excellence Award.

“The Hastor Foundation was very important for me during that period, they provided me with unconditional support in every respect. In my opinion, the greatest significance of the Foundation is the fact that I’ve met many new friends there. I will forever remember this part of my life that I spent as a scholarship holder of the Hastor Foundation.”

Amela Vatreš

Our Amela completed her undergraduate studies at the International Burch University, more precisely at the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, Department of Information Technologies, thereby earning the title of a Bachelor of Information Technologies. Her GPA was 9.65, for which she received the Academic Excellence Award.

“The Hastor Foundation made my educational process easier, but also provided me with a chance to improve my knowledge and skills, and to meet wonderful people. I built my own mission through the Foundation’s mission, and my desire is to bring joy and hope into the lives of other people, as is done by our family. The Hastor Foundation is an inexhaustible source of good and I am thankful for everything it does for our better tomorrow.”

Mia Babić

Mia completed her master studies at the Department of English Language and Literature at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Sarajevo, thereby earning the title of a Master of English Language and Literature – Literature Studies. Achieving the GPA of 9.64 (both cycles of studies), she received the Golden Badge of the University of Sarajevo.

Mia said that ever since she became part of the Foundation, she improved her GPA annually and gained knowledge and skills which were not available to her through her formal education.

“The support of the Hastor Foundation was of great significance for my development. I think that it is precisely here, surrounded by the talented scholarship holders of the Foundation, where I gained self-confidence and the ability to move beyond my field of studies and get to know myself and others through volunteering, and later also first work experience. These three years were quite special for me, and I am extremely happy to see that an ever greater number of young people has the opportunity to walk along their life paths with such a support and family.”

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Azra Zahirović

Azra graduated from the Faculty of Political Sciences, Department of Politology – International Relations and Diplomacy, achieving the GPA of 9.5 and was thereby awarded the Golden Badge of the University of Sarajevo.

“The fact that I am a scholarship holder of the Hastor Foundation was something I was proud of and something that encouraged me to keep working on myself. The values and positive stories of the Foundation motivated me and helped me not to give up on my path. Throughout the three years of my studies and along with all my faculty-related obligations, I was also involved in volunteer activities of the Association “Narko Ne” and OSCE Youth Advisory Group BiH. I continue my formal education at the Department of Management at the Sarajevo School of Economics and Business.”

Larisa Horić

Larisa was awarded the Silver Badge of the University of Sarajevo for the first cycle of studies due to achieving the GPA of 9.3. She graduated from the Sarajevo Music Academy, Department of Stringed Instruments and Guitar – Violin, and earned the title of a Bachelor of Musical Arts.

“I am so grateful to the Hastor Foundation for the financial support and for every new friend I made, and there are many. I am particularly grateful for the advice and support in the moments when I couldn’t make a decision on my own. I came to Sarajevo alone, only with my violin by my side, my family and parents were not with me, but thanks to the Hastor Foundation I never felt alone and for that I can only say: Thank you!”

Marija Pišković

Upon completing her master studies at the Sarajevo Music Academy, our Marija earned the title of a Master of Musical Arts – Flute. Her GPA at the end of her studies was 9.3 and she was therefore awarded the Silver Badge of the University of Sarajevo.

“The Hastor Foundation was of great significance for me during my formal education. Now I am very proud to have been part of this family and I feel as if I still am. I am very grateful for the financial and moral support that I was always given to. Through volunteering, I gained new skills and also new acquaintances that will remain with me throughout my life. This is another one of my successes that I owe to the Foundation.”

Ena Bešo

Our scholarship holder Ena Bešo is a third-year student of electrical engineering at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Computing and Electrical Engineering at the University of Mostar. Her current GPA is 5.0, which is why this year she received the Dean’s Award.

“The significance of the Hastor Foundation’s support for me is multifold, but what I would like to emphasize is that it motivates me to try even harder. I realize that, besides my family and those closest to me, I also have the Foundation which appreciates my results and rejoices in my successes.”

Narcisa Hadžajlić

Narcisa completed her second year of studies at the Faculty of Philosophy in Zenica, with the average grade of 10 at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science and therefore earned the Dean’s Diploma as the best student of the year.

“Whatever I say about the Foundation, no matter how long and extensive it be, it won’t capture entirely my gratitude and the great significance the Foundation has in my life. It is enough to say that in my prayers I always think of the Foundation and all members of this great family which accepted me and which I accepted as my own. Indeed, this current physical remoteness did not distance me from it. On the contrary, I miss the monthly and volunteer meetings. The most beautiful thing I found in the Foundation is its “support to give support” in terms of joint actions which will bring good to our youth that is the source of hope for future successes.”

The Hastor Foundation is proud of these nine young people who show us that great effort really does pay off. Let us all find inspiration in them. We congratulate our diligent students for their achievements and wish them best of luck in their future endeavors.