Nineteen Medals for the Scholarship Holders of the Hastor Foundation

Global Round, the finale of the international World Scholar’s Cup competition, took place from 18th to 23rd of July. World Scholar’s Cup is a unique competition that gathers the students of primary and secondary schools from all around the world and who, in accordance with their age group, take part in competitions which focus on various branches of social sciences. The concept of the competition ensures that the participants require the use of logic and that they need to combine all their previously gained knowledge. This year’s Global Round was held at the Greek capital, the city of Athens, and more than 2000 students from 52 different countries have participated. Our scholarship holders Anisa Karic, Dina Karic and Amina Visca, who were under the guidance of the CEO of the Hastor Foundation, Seid Fijuljanin, also took part in this prestigious competition.

Our scholarship holders Anisa, Dina and Amina won nineteen medals altogether (gold and silver) which ensured that they automatically qualify for the “Tournament of Champions” competition which is held every November at the Yale University, United States of America.

Upon returning from Greece, Amina, Dina and Anisa are still full of impressions. Although the competition required a lot of effort and demanded sacrifices, the girls confess that this is one of the most wonderful summer holidays that they ever had. Our three girls found the opportunity to compete, debate and also meet and spend time with their peers from all the corners of the world absolutely invaluable. Anisa Karic’s joy was palpable as she was conveying her impressions to our Editorial Board.

“Ever since we returned to Sarajevo, we have been trying to process everything that happened and also rest, but despite everything that we’ve experienced, despite all the wonderful things that happened, it is impossible to find words to describe WSC or all the emotions we felt and which we still feel. To put it briefly, we are overjoyed that we managed to qualify for the “Tournament of Champions”. Although the event still seems rather far away, it will definitely be another wonderful, unforgettable experience.

Finally, I speak for all three of us when I say that we are grateful to the Hastor Foundation for the opportunity that we were given. Heartfelt thanks to you!”

The dreams of our scholarship holders came true because of their efforts and all the time that they selflessly dedicated to acquiring new knowledge, and thus this accomplishment simply represents the fruits of their hard work and gained knowledge. To win nineteen medals is a truly impressive feat, but it is not unattainable if one is willing to embark on an adventure of learning. World Scholar’s Cup is a competition which demands that the participants possess both formal and informal knowledge, and that curiosity and general knowledge be characteristics of each and every participant.

If you have thirst for knowledge and a curious mind, if you are fond of history and social sciences and like to read or write, and finally, if you are skilled debaters or quiz takers, the World Scholar’s Cup is an ideal opportunity for you. The Hastor Foundation enables all of its scholarship holders who are interested in taking part in this renowned competition, to become a member of the winning team.


Dzulisa Otuzbir