The Hastor Foundation Scholarship Holders Take Part in Zenica Summer Fest

The Summer Fest program provided a variety of cultural and entertainment contents in the period from the 14th of July to the 3rd of August, and the importance of an event such as this one was recognized by the Prevent Group and the Hastor Foundation. Namely, on the 25th of July, a group of scholarship holders from Busovaca and Zenica, as ambassadors of the Hastor Foundation and the Prevent Group, contributed to the realization of the idea “Balloons for all children”.

The idea behind the Zenica Summer Fest is for it to be an international cultural and entertainment event, whose goal is to animate the citizens of Zenica during the warm summer days of July and August, as well as the visitors from other cities from Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region, especially those who live abroad but were in their hometown of Zenica during the summer.

Given that the 25th of July was devoted to the younger children, the Prevent Group provided crayons, puzzles, shirts and balloons with its logo on them, which were distributed to the children by the scholarship holders.

“We assigned the tasks evenly among ourselves so that we could make the best of the sunny day that we had. Our table was the most attractive one, without a doubt. The children approached us eagerly and could barely wait to get the balloons in their hands. As we were giving them crayons and puzzles with the balloon, we could see a twinkle in their eyes. Children cannot lie, their genuine happiness made us smile, as well as their parents. The image of these happy young people who are not poisoned with hate gave us hope for a better tomorrow”, said one of the participants in this event, Nermana Hajdarevic, delightedly.

Dzulisa Otuzbir