The Hastor Foundation’s Scholarship Holders Won Second and Third Place in the Final of Burch Startup Competition

On December 19th, the fifth Burch Startup Competition was held at the International Burch University. The goal of the competition was to awaken the entrepreneurial spirit among the students, and to secure resources needed for the realization of their ideas.

Aldin Berisa and Ida Bajrami won the second place with their “Shift” project. The Hastor Foundation is Aldin’s greatest support.

I think that it is an enormous success to win the second place in such a prestigious competition like the Burch Startup, especially during the first year of studies. After having been a part of the Hastor Foundation for a long time, I gained the knowledge needed to apply to a competition such as this one. Working with the Hastor Foundation, I’ve learned a lot about teamwork and competitive spirit, and I would like to thank the Foundation because without their financial help I wouldn’t have been able to go to a university such as this one and be a part of the Startup competition. I am very grateful for that”, says Aldin.

Our Haris Muhibic won the third place with his “” project. Haris also won the best presentation/pitch award.

I’m glad that I won the third place in such a renowned competition like the Burch Startup. Since the sponsors are domestic companies, I am happy that I’ve managed to prove that there are original ideas and that they are slowly taking over the market. I am also very grateful to the Hastor Foundation, for the support during the preparation for the competition, and also for encouraging the competitive and entrepreneurial spirit in me. Using the skills I acquired in the Foundation, I was able to gather a group of people with whom the organizing of the event went in the best possible way, and the contentment was clearly seen both among the audience and the contestants.” says Haris.

It is important to say that Haris Muhibic was also the main organizer of the competition and that he directly participated in the process of hosting and preparing the other students for the competition.

Besides the main award, namely 40.000 BAM and entering the Burch Startup Incubator, five awards for various categories were given to other contestants. The project “Whopedoo” won the first place, and its idea centered on an application for educational purposes which would help children acquire various skills through play.

Belma Zukic