Last month and with the support of the Prevent Group, the Hastor Foundation issued a Call for best works of fine arts for its scholarship holders. All Hastor Foundation scholarship holders were eligible to participate in the competition, in one of the following three categories:
• Best artwork of a primary school pupil
• Best artwork of a secondary school pupil
• Best artwork of a college student

The number of artworks one scholarship holder could submit was not limited. The drawing techniques, as well as the themes, were free, and precisely with the purpose of presenting all that the Foundation’s scholarship holders consider worthy of presenting with their imagination and creativity. Namely, they were supposed to express their individual feelings, and to try to evoke and represent their thoughts and emotions through the fine arts.

The Hastor Foundation pays particular attention to fostering the field of art, which has been marginalized in our society in the recent decades. This is of particular significance to those who use this form to express themselves, thus ensuring the nurturing of the culture and maintaining its (very important) presence in our lives.

Having reviewed the artworks submitted, the Commission selected the best ones:

Primary school:
1st place -Nedeljka Dragojević, 8th grade of Primary School “Miloš Crnjanski”, Prnjavor
2nd place -Erna Mehmedović, 8th grade of Primary School “Todor Dokić”, Derventa
3rd place – Ajna Šido, 8th grade of Primary School Jajce

Secondary school:
1st place – Revda Cvrčak, 2nd grade of the Secondary Technical School in Zavidovići
2nd place – Sakiba Selimovic – 3rd grade of the Mixed Secondary School, Srebrenik
3rd place – Dina Karić – 4th grade of the Fourth Gymnasium in Sarajev

1st place – Nadira Hrnčić, 2nd year at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo, Maglaj
2nd place – Ana Milijević, 4th year at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo, Sarajevo
3rd place – Anisa Karić, 2nd year at the Faculty of Architecture in Sarajevo, Sarajevo

Winners were presented with certificates and prizes.
Events such as this one, besides providing the opportunity for scholarship holders to express themselves artistically through the Hastor Foundation, aim to bring closer the large family of scholarship holders, as well as those who help and lead it toward accomplishing its long-term goals. The Hastor Foundation wishes all scholarship holders success and happiness in the future, and certainly encourages them to continue improving their skills and to nurture and enhance their affinity for art. We congratulate our scholarship holders whose artworks were chosen as the best ones, but also to all scholarship holders who took part in the competition and shared their personalities with us.

Nejla Komar