Asa Prevent group open doors day

June 9, 2018 Open Doors Day was held today at the headquarters of the ASA Prevent Group. It was attended by more than 120 primary and secondary school pupils from the Sarajevo Canton area.

The Group’s work was presented to the pupils by its employees. In a very detailed presentation the pupils were introduced to what the Group is all about, and shown all the industries it participates in. The comparative advantages of working in such a company were emphasized, along with the possibilities potential employees are given through its business network. The pupils were eager to talk about what they would like to do once they finish their education, and the ASA-Prevent Group employees, with their advice and open-mindedness, pointed them in the direction they think is the best and most useful for the pupils. Some of the presented facts were especially interesting to the pupils:

  • Prevent Group components can be found in every third car produced in Europe
  • ASA Group has been growing steadily for 22 years
  • These two groups together have so far employed one worker a day in average, and nowadays the ASA-Prevent family consists of 7.200 members

Due to the great interest young people show regularly for the employment within ASA Prevent Group, similar events will be organized in the time to come.

This event is an activity within the “Strengthening of Educational Practices in Bosnia and Herzegovina – Introducing the Dual System” project, which is carried out by the Prevent Group and the Hastor Foundation as a part of the “Prilika Plus” program that is supported by the Government of Switzerland.