Consistent effort as a precondition of self-accomplishment

On Saturday, October 19, another monthly meeting of college student scholarship holders of the Hastor Foundation was held at the Main Hall of ASA Prevent Group. Once again, the students had the opportunity to attend a highly interesting and inspiring lecture which will, undoubtedly, prove to be useful for them in their future.

The Hastor Foundation invests great effort into preparing its scholarship holders, who are about to complete their formal education, for the challenges of the business environment and the labor market. The experience that scholarship holders gain during the volunteer activities is of great significance for their future business success. Furthermore, the Hastor Foundation tries to encourage and motivate its scholarship holders, who are about to make important decisions and choices. The focus of this month’s meeting of Hastor Foundation’s scholarship holders, therefore, was on the discussion about the efforts needed to be invested in order to achieve certain goals. Our guest at the meeting held last weekend in the premises of ASA Prevent Group was Zlatan Faik Uzunović, Managing Director of Prevent Interior, one of the companies within Prevent Group. Mr. Uzunović has also participated in numerous projects of the Hastor Foundation, particularly those related to the organization of the TAKT Academy, which provides its participants with the knowledge and skills needed to work in fashion, textile, furniture and automotive industries.Zlatan talked to the students about a topic which is currently the most relevant to them and is related to their future. The search for employment is not simple, and the labor market is ruthless. It is very important for students to be ready for challenges in the new stage of their lives. Throughout the lecture, a particular emphasis was placed on motivation, of which our scholarship holders are not lacking. Mr. Uzunović talked about the motivation of the young population and whether the youth today even needs motivation, considering that everyone is the maker of their own faith and that what we will do at the end of the day depends solely on us. Furthermore, he said that motivation can, to some extent, be related to ambition. Therefore, if a person has ambitions, they will result in motivation to achieve any goal, desire or idea.

In order to achieve our goals, make our dreams come true and join the business world, it is quite important to stick to certain things. First and foremost, our guest lecturer emphasized that what matters in any situation is the desire for progress in every sphere of our lives, the devotion to what we do, effort, persistence, and our faith in ourselves. As a rather significant motivating factor of our progress, Mr. Uzunović mentioned self-confidence.It is also quite important to observe objectively any situation we find ourselves in before making the appropriate move. Before doing something, it is necessary to analyze the aspect of values and the absence of value. When a person has these qualities and characteristics, it is necessary for some time to pass in order for the desired results to be achieved and so the success is inevitable and certain.After Mr. Uzunović’s lecture and discussion, scholarship holders had the opportunity to talk to each other. Considering that the new academic year had started and that many of our scholarship holders completed their formal education, and so stopped being the Hastor Foundation’s scholarship holders, some of them decided to share the experiences they gained in the Foundation and to use this opportunity to express their gratitude. Several scholarship holders bid an emotional farewell to the Hastor Foundation and emphasized the fact that the end of their formal education does not necessarily mean the end of their relationship with the Foundation. These diligent and devoted scholarship holders said that they will always be a friend and support to the Hastor Foundation, as it was to them for many years. The meeting was brought to a close with these emotional words, hugs and a few tears.

Maida Husnić