Secondary school student Edin Maslo is just one among countless young people who wish to start their own business, but he is one of the few who dared to take a bold step forward in order to do so. He is only 19 years old and an excellent student at the Secondary School of Civil Engineering and Geodesy in Sarajevo, becoming the Hastor Foundation’s scholarship holder in September 2017.

Edin reveals that he thought about starting a small business for a long time, and this idea started to take shape two months ago when he purchased first items necessary for starting his brand of decorative furniture.

“Being a secondary school student in Sarajevo, this city of fast-paced living, I soon concluded that I needed more pocket money than I was receiving at the moment. I didn’t want to stick out like a sore thumb, and even more so I didn’t want to burden my father with additional expenses. I spent a lot of time on the internet and it eventually made me realize that I could support myself if I started a small business of my own.  Some two months ago I decided to purchase a certain quantity of decorative cushions, ottomans, puff sofas etc. with hopes of selling custom-made furniture and earn some money. My idea is slowly becoming a reality,” says Edin.

This is how Edin’s “soft” story began. Pursuing his idea, he started a brand called “Mekano” (Soft) which is based on manufacturing and selling decorative furniture in accordance with the customers’ personal tastes, bringing them closer to their idea of a dream home and comfortable living.

Having been established so recently, “Mekano” is still developing and it will take considerable effort, Edin says, to make it a source of greater income. He admits that every beginning is difficult, but that he doesn’t intend to give up any time soon – with hopes of developing and expanding his small business, Edin will work diligently. “I see my success come about through a variety of products “Mekano” offers, because attempting to sell products and designs depends on having an offer which appeals to as many people as possible,” says Edin.

In his interview with the Foundation’s Editorial Board, Edin admitted that he is very glad that the Hastor Foundation and its scholarship holders recognized his work and hopes that such support will continue:

“I do hope that “Mekano” becomes a recognizable brand in the future. If so, even someone from the Foundation will perhaps join me in navigating these entrepreneurial waters.  I would ask all of you to like “Mekano” Facebook page and share it with your friends because I see it as one of my paths towards success.”

Edin is grateful to his mentors Tesnim Karisik and Anes Pajic in particular because they recognized his work and brought it to the attention of the Hastor Foundation’s Editorial Board.

We hereby invite all  scholarship holders and friends of the Hastor Foundation to support Edin Maslo and his brand “Mekano“ by liking and sharing the Facebook page (

We wish our Edin plenty of success and we believe that “Mekano” will become a recognizable brand whose products will decorate many homes in the future.

Dzulisa Otuzbir