On Saturday, 13th of May 2017, another monthly meeting of the college scholarship holders of the Hastor Foundation was held at the premises of the ASA Group. A new opportunity for them to spend their time together and socialize, new experiences and new topics for the dedicated scholarship students who have, despite all their other obligations and the distance that they needed to cross, once again attended today’s meeting in great number.

Euro-Atlantic integration and the current status of Bosnia and Herzegovina on its path towards stabilization and changes comprised the topic of today’s meeting.

Džulisa Otuzbir and Muharem Karać, students of the Faculty of Political Science in Sarajevo, spoke at length about this topic and presented their fellow scholarship holders with several important facts about the steps which Bosnia and Herzegovina needs to take and fulfill in order to join the NATO alliance and the European Union. Our lecturers for this month presented the function and significance of the aforementioned organizations in an engaging, creative manner. The scholarship holders were offered an opportunity to voice their opinions and attitudes in regards to our country’s accession into EU and admission into the NATO alliance. They weighted the pros and cons of our joining, and discussed its significance for our country, but also the ways in which we, as young people, can make our country a better place and leave it in a stronger position compared to the one we found it in. Education is, without a shred of doubt, one of the most significant means of achieving this, and the Hastor Foundation’s engagement in this field means that the Foundation has become directly involved in the efforts to ensure a better living condition in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This involvement means that the Foundation is also, subsequently, paving the way for our country’s admission into EU and NATO alliance.

The presentation was overwhelmingly successful and particularly so if we consider the active involvement of all our scholarship holders, as well as their interest in the topic itself. They pointed out that this topic is widely discussed everyday and that it bears great significance, especially if we are aware that its end result will have influence on all of us. The scholarship holders were once again given an opportunity to learn something new, but also display their own knowledge. We sincerely hope that the youth of this country will be given an opportunity to use their knowledge and experience to improve the lives and the position of all the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as their own.