Adisa Bolic, a third-grade student of the Turkish-Bosnian Sarajevo College and the Hastor Foundation scholarship holder, crushed a stereotype about Math as science where only men are mentioned as the best by winning a prestigious title of The Best Mathematician in Europe.

But, she did not stop there. Adisa and her colleagues presented colors of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the best light on the European Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad. Adisa won the Gold medal which enabled the national team of Bosnia and Herzegovina to finish as 5th out of 39 teams that participated in the Olympiad.

The Hastor Foundation can proudly announce that only the best pupils and students from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina are part of this organisation. Likewise, we cannot hide delight over the success of our scholarship holder because we consider success of our scholarship holders to be our own, too.

Adisa is one among many that make this Foundation what it actually is – the best.

We congratulate to our scholarship holder for her achievements once again and we hope that this is just the first in string of achievements Adisa will be remembered for. Hopefully, her achievements will be motivation for youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina to pursue knowledge because “Education is the choice of winners”.


Nihada Ohran