Hastor Foundation Scholarship Holders Among the Best Students in Federation of B&H

The award ceremony for 73 young people, the best students in Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina was held on Monday (11.12.2017.) at the Mostar National Theater.

To have three of the Hastor Foundation’s scholarship holders among those awarded is a great honor, one that proves the verity of the motto “Education – The Choice of Winners“. Sakib Bitic (Polytechnic Faculty, University of Zenica), Maida Husnic (Faculty of Humanities, Dzemal Bijedic University of Mostar) and Jasmina Kavgic (Faculty of Economics, University of Tuzla) are scholarship holders whose work in the Foundation does not go unnoticed, not in the least because of their diligent mentoring of younger scholarship holders, which stresses the importance and power of education.

Our Jasmina, representing the awarded students, addressed those in attendance and pointed out that the young people need to be the movers of the BH society and the ones who will improve it. In that way, all those who have left their country in search of a better life will have a place to return to.

“I believe that leaving our country is not a way to solve problems. I find that all of us can build successful carriers here as well,” said Jasmina.

Managing Director of the Foundation, Seid Fijuljanin, was also present during the ceremony, showing his support, as well as proudly accepting the award in Sakib Bitic’s stead.

I felt that I was highly privileged for being able to attend such a celebration of knowledge, talent, and assiduous scientific research and labor. It was wonderful to see these young people and observe their expressions which revealed the thought: “it was worth it once more”. I am even prouder that despite the existence of a negative cloud of politics, emigration, and overall uneasiness I could hear encouraging wishes and messages of superb young students. I have realized that all who work need to do so with maximal responsibility and minimal indolence so as to create a platform which would enable these star students to start new scientific, educational, economic and political revolutions,” said Fijuljanin.

The Hastor Foundation puts in substantial effort to stress the importance and power of education and impart this knowledge to its scholarship holders – these students are exactly the ones who help prove that this mission is being successfully carried out.

Belma Zukic