“How you do anything is how you do everything!”

It is the 19th of May, a typical spring morning characterized by a clear sky, and one immediately notices the boundless positive energy and desire for progress that emanates from the premises of ASA Group – this atmosphere was no doubt brought about by the guest lecturers who marked this month’s meeting of college student scholarship holders of the Hastor Foundation. This interactive lecture left a strong impression on those present and the values and messages which were foregrounded will no doubt prove invaluable to our scholarship holders for their careers, but also for their life path in general.

Our guests this month were Ema Bukovica and Dijana Duvnjak, experts in the field of communications and public relations. The primary focus of their lecture was to tackle communication in the context of interpersonal relationships, as well as its undeniable significance in the professional sphere. It is worth noting that for young, educated and ambitious people which make up the Foundation, such a theme is of great significance, primarily because they are making their first steps in the world of business and thus also the world of professional communication.

As a part of their lecture, Dijana and Ema tackled three different concepts, namely three essential components for effective and productive communication, but which are nevertheless crucial in everyday interactions: establishing assertive style of communication, acquiring presentation skills and raising awareness of the significance and impact of nonverbal communication, which, many researchers confirm, frequently manages to reveal much more about us than our words. These three components are at the very core of what we communicate about ourselves – together they make up a message through which we reveal our personality and convey its essence to other people, whether we do it consciously or unconsciously.

Assertive style of communication is crucial if one wishes to express one’s stances and beliefs in such a manner that one actively listens to and remains respectful of other person’s stances and views, which results in a “win-win” situation where both sides are satisfied with the communication’s outcome. Ensuring an effective communication does not require only assertiveness, but also active listening and empathy. Through several activities, the two lecturers also shared valuable tips and tricks that make communication easier and help reduce one’s fear of public speaking – in the long run, these ensure that one’s needs are communicated in the best possible manner. The latter part of the lecture was dedicated to discussing nonverbal communication, analyzing it, among other things, in the context of day-to-day interactions. Students found this particular subject highly interesting and of great relevance for them because these skills can be applicable in a wide range of situations.

Considering that the field of communications has been rapidly expanding and that its importance in the world of today grows, and is consequently greatly researched, an interactive lecture such as this one was truly much needed. Dijana and Ema’s passion and dedication show just how important it is to love one’s vocation and live in accordance with it, because success, feeling of contentment and confidence will then come naturally. Dijana neatly summarized this guiding principle with: “How you do anything is how you do everything!”And truly, consistency and dedication are crucial for strengthening one’s character and ensure that a person becomes a unique and self-aware individual.

Amina Vatres