Of Success and Life Goals – Nihad Bilic, Owner of “Best & Team” Company

Every month, as is usually the case, college student scholarship holders gather at the familiar spot in Sarajevo, where the monthly meeting takes place. In order to be present at the meeting, some students have travelled many miles, but it is all for the purpose of exchanging opinions and views, gaining new knowledge and making new friends.

Today was no different.

After the introductory remarks made by teacher Ramo, and our dear Lejla and Rabija, the scholarship holders were greeted by one of the people who selflessly support the Foundation, benefactor Nihad Bilic, the owner of “Best & Team” Company. The majority of the call center’s business is conducted with catalog companies based in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

After our guest speaker introduced his company, touching upon its beginnings, the focus was shifted on two great drives in life: GOAL and SUCCESS.

Every person sets goals for themselves and then pursues the means of achieving them. First we focus on the small ones, and then, one step at a time, we try to grasp success. Regardless of what we have chosen as our main goal, a winding road awaits us ahead, and once on it, we will come across obstacles hindering our movement, so having a plan B and being ready to search for alternative ways is always useful.

In addition to listening to our guest’s lecture, concerning ways to set our goals, what things we need to be aware of, and what the best road towards success is, the scholarship holders also took part in this meeting. Two themes, the importance of practical work as means of applying the gained theoretical knowledge and the exodus of young people from Bosnia and Herzegovina were discussed at length.

Nihad Bilic was adamant about that: “Yes, one should go abroad and educate oneself, but eventually return and impart the knowledge that they have gained.” The students agreed and asserted that going abroad should be considered only if it would promote learning.

Following our guest’s departure, the mentors were given the letters to distribute to their pupils, and then came the time for getting to know one another. The scholarship holders have once again used the opportunity to meet a new person, and who knows, maybe even make a new friend, so this month’s gathering was certainly productive in all aspects.

Until next meeting, walk boldly towards your goals!

Belma Zukic