Sara-Medina Šehović, the talented scholarship holder of the Hastor Foundation, qualified for the European Physics Olympiad

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country rich in natural, cultural and historical heritage, but it is also a country with many talented young people.

One of these talented and diligent persons is Sara-Medina Šehović, a fourth-grade pupil at the Richmond Park College in Sarajevo, and she has been our scholarship holder for just over a year. She says that ever since she was little she would solve the tasks and problems that were intended not for her age, but for older students, and ever since primary school she has partaken in physics competitions. Her love for natural sciences persisted during her secondary education, given that she accomplished great successes in cantonal, federal and national competitions. Sara-Medina particularly mentioned the following: Cantonal physics competition, Group A3, 3rd place, and Federal physics competition, Group B, 1st place.

The last competition, held on the 22nd and 23rd of February, was a selectional competition for the European Physics Olympiad. Our scholarship holder won the third place and thereby qualified for the Olympiad, which will be held in Romania at the beginning of June this year. We hope that she will return with joy and another success – a golden one.

Medina says that numerous competitions are ahead, where she will compete to qualify for the International Physics Olympiad.

In her leisure time, she loves to read, and her inexhaustible inspiration is the nature, whose entire functioning can always be explained in physics.

The Foundation has, first and foremost, provided me with new friends. How it functions is really special. All the scholarship holders are connected, and many of us made unbreakable bonds and friendships. This is why I perceive the meetings in the Foundation as a gathering with my friends where our wish and goal are the same – we want to learn something new.

We are proud and happy to be accomplishing our ideas and visions, which is to help young people – from financial, moral and educational aspects – in becoming conscious academic citizens who will be active members of their communities, and the society in general.

Selma Imamović