Scholarship Contracts Signed with 334 College Students from All across BH

On Saturday, the 10th of November, 2018, scholarship contracts with 334 college students from the all across BH were signed at the ASA Prevent Group premises. Having already signed scholarship contracts with primary and secondary school pupils, the Hastor Foundation now signed scholarship contracts with college students who will be the Hastor Foundation’s scholarship holders in the following academic year.

These are the students who have managed to keep their scholarships from the previous year, by maintaining their academic success and achieving excellent results. The Call for Scholarship Applicants with extended criteria, intended particularly for gifted students with a high GPA, was issued as well. In this year alone the Hastor Foundation will provide scholarships for 1.976 pupils and students, which is the highest individual number of scholarship holders of all the registered foundations in BH and the region.

The students were first greeted by teacher Ramo and the Foundation’s Managing Director, who congratulated those who were present and wished them success in the new academic year, and then proceeded to explain to the students the basic terms of the contract, the Foundation’s rules and the principles of its work.

“They’ve grown to become self-aware and responsible people, who are now teaching their children those same values. It is wonderful to see someone sign their 13th contract with us, to know them as a primary school pupil and now see them have the opportunity to enroll into a master program, with special acknowledgments. We have several such students. While we talk proudly about the best ones, we also work devotedly with all those whose GPA and status we want to improve”, said Seid Fijuljanin, the Managing Director of the Hastor Foundation.

Following its fundamental idea and aim, which means providing the opportunity for young people to participate in the development of local communities and of their personal resources through successful education and volunteering, the Hastor Foundation has thus far supported more than 3.000 young people from the entire BH.

“In BH there are many clever young people, but many of them did not have the opportunity to gain education, especially those from rural areas. We wanted to make that possible, and justifiably so. Those pupils are now students who receive special acknowledgments and win awards in national and international competitions. Every success of theirs is a success of mine as well”, said teacher Ramo proudly, who is included in the scholarship program as a volunteer, and has been following the work and progress of scholarship holders from the very beginning, expressing his contentment with the pace and the way in which the Hastor Foundation is developing.

The Hastor Foundation will continue to support children and young people in their effort to become self-aware leaders in their communities and in that way contribute to positive changes in the society we live in.