Scholarship contracts signed with 390 students from across Bosnia and Herzegovina

On Saturday, November 16, 2019, the official signing of scholarship contracts with 390 students from different universities in BiH was held in the premises of ASA Prevent Group.

Having previously signed 1.649 scholarship contracts with primary and secondary school pupils, the Hastor Foundation signed contracts with college student scholarship holders for the 2019/2020 academic year. These are the students who have retained their scholarships, having achieved great results at their faculties, and the Call with extended criteria, intended solely for gifted students with a high GPA, has been issued as well. Once the Call is completed, the Foundation will in this school year alone provide scholarships for 2.059 pupils and students, which is the highest number of scholarship holders of all the registered foundations in BIH and the region.

“It is an honor for us to have the opportunity to sign scholarship contracts with so many students today. Another year is behind us, and the increasing number of the Hastor Foundation’s scholarship holders only testifies to out great desire to constantly help young people, not only financially; we want to work together with them and contribute to their success, but also to them becoming better people. Our wish is that all scholarship holders, once they formally stop being part of the Hastor Foundation, continue to help others and to uphold the mission of the Hastor Foundation by improving their local communities. I also want to point out that the Call for gifted students is currently open, and that we look forward to new scholarship holders, with whom we are going to continue working on positive changes in Bosnia and Herzegovina”, said Seid Fijuljanin, the Managing Director of the Hastor Foundation.

Some of the students signed their first scholarship contracts, whereas for some this was the fourteenth year in a row that they are provided with the support of the Hastor Foundation. As was the case during the previous years, the Hastor Foundation will continue to strive to develop the creative potentials of its scholarship holders and to provide the financial help that will motivate them to accomplish ideas and objectives pursued, in order to contribute to positive changes in the BH society.