Scholarship holder Amar Velagić took part in the 31st International Meeting of Poets “Garavi sokak”

            The Hastor Foundation regularly presents proactive students and scholarship holders who contact us to share their successes. One of them is also Amar Velagić, who graduated from the Mixed Secondary School in Bugojno, and is currently a student of Latin Language and Roman Literature, and of Pedagogy. He has been a scholarship holder of the Hastor Foundation for six years. He says that his love for the Latin language was born in secondary school, where he won a silver medal at the European competition in Latin language and Roman civilization.

            This year, Amar partook in the International Meeting of Poets “Garavi sokak”, which was initiated 31 years ago by the Literary Club “Miroslav Mika Antić” from Inđija. In cooperation with that municipality, collection of works is printed annually and over time it has become a sort of retrospective of the regional and international literary scene. The editor and the translator from English is Aleksandar Mijalković, and the expert team of poets is comprised of the club’s president Zlatomir Borovnica and the poet Nikola Banić. The covers of the collection are designed by the poet Majo Darilović from Belgrade.

We are proud that Amar’s poems were included in two of these collections, because this is a significant gathering spot of poets from the whole region, open for the authors from diaspora, but also an opportunity to be introduced to poetry of diverse authors from across the world. In addition, Amar can boast with the title of the Honor Pupil of his secondary school, from which he recently graduated.

            Asked about the Hastor Foundation, he says:

“It is our guidance, a very significant pillar of support when we most need it. The Foundation is our second home, a safe haven that offers numerous benefits. It is an honor for everyone to be rewarded for their work and effort.  A great thank you to the Hastor Foundation for recognizing that.”

Nejla Komar