TEDx Sarajevo: Ideas Worth Spreading

On Saturday, October 29, at 13:30 o’clock in Meeting Point cinema, TEDx conference – TED Stari Grad was held. It was organised by the Hastor Foundation and IASTE LC Sarajevo with partners.


Beginning as a four-day conference in California 30 years ago, TED grew to be support to people who share the initiative ideas. TED is abbreviated from Technology, Entertainment, and Design – three wide themes which collectively shape our future, but the very event is even wider – because TED presents ideas from various disciplines. TED’s mission are ideas worth spreading. It means that TED is devoted to millions of knowledge seekers. In the spirit of these ideas, TED created a program called TEDx which is a local, independently organised event connecting people in sharing their experience in TED’s manner. On this stage, the individuals with different life stories presented themselves, who, despite obstacles, persisted in realising of their goals and dreams, people, who created a positive change in their communities. During the program, the visitors had the opportunity to witness the inspirative stories and brilliant ideas that this year’s speakers decided to share with the audience.

Interesting topics and even more interesting speakers draw the attention of many people, and the tickets for this event were sold in a short period of time. The speakers at this year’s TEDxStariGrad conference were: Senad Alibegovic, Almir Mukaca, our scholar Adisa Bolic, Edin Mehic, Almir Badnjevic, Denis Agovic, Vedran Persic, Samir Beharic, Ismir Omeragic, Tomislav Cvitanusic, Emir Salkic, Damir Marjanovic, and young World Scholars Cup Debate team, a group of primary and secondary school students who will this month, due to Yale University’s invitation, appear on the Tournament of the Champions World Scholars Cup tournament. One thing is clear – Meeting Point’s room, on October 29, witnessed an encounter of extremely successful people who shared the recipe for their success with the present knowledge seekers. A unique message from this conference was sent – Bosnia and Herzegovina is indeed full of perspective people and ideas which could be bravely sent into the world.

Džulisa Otuzbir