The Hastor Foundation’s Scholarship Holders – Change Initiators

The monthly meeting of the college student scholarship holders was held on Saturday, the 13th of January, in the Main Assembly Hall of the ASA Prevent Group. The meeting consisted of presentations by former and current scholarship holders which were an inspiration for all those who were present.

Nadira Berbic and Edina Hadzic, former scholarship holders of the Foundation, used this opportunity to present their dream, which is becoming true with their Zorya startup, whose main goal is to connect small manufacturers of the autochthonous Bosnian-Herzegovinian products with buyers in the urban areas who have a hard time finding the noncommercial products – ones that are safe for them and their children. They decided to share their story with the scholarship holders and that way actively engage them in the project. They presented the vision and mission of their project, and the students could help by connecting them with the small manufacturers of herbal products from the rural areas that they are familiar with.

The project was supported by the Mozaik Foundation, and Nadira and Edina won the Social Impact Award given by the Dokukino Foundation. The purpose of this presentation was not only to present this social business, but also to show what can be achieved with joint ideas and while working together. Nadira and Edina were brought together by our Foundation, and their story served as an inspiration for the students that were present, and is a wind in their sails which will encourage them to do something similar. The two of them did not hide the contentment because they attended another monthly meeting, although they had different roles this time.

The second part of the meeting was devoted to the presentation of a project that was developed by Sanel Dedic, a former scholarship holder, and Rijad Muminovic, a current one. A lot of time and effort was put into it and the result will make the volunteering considerably easier, for the administration team and the students alike. Together with some other colleagues, Sanel and Rijad made an online app that will help with the obligations related to the volunteering hours. In future, the app will enable the students to schedule their volunteering meetings, to write their reports, and to keep records of volunteering hours. The app also has a database through which the basic information about the students and the pupils is easily accessible. The possibility for the administration team to observe the scheduled volunteering meetings by making a video call is also included in the app. It has many advantages and the administrative procedures will no longer be as time-consuming as before.

The students left the meeting enriched with numerous pieces of information, and surely with their own visions and ideas that they can use to make themselves, and the society they live in, better.

Belma Zukić