14 Years of Togetherness: Synergy of similarities and inspiring differences of scholarship holders as the basis for the progress of the Hastor Foundation

“Never doubt that a small group of people can change the
world, truly, that is the only thing that has ever changed it.”

Fourteen years ago, the synergy of similarities but also of the inspiring differences of a small group of people united by a common idea opened the door to a much more prosperous future for the most important social class – the young people, who are the essential carriers of the universal social progress in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Guided by the idea that the consistent and selfless commitment to youth education, as the most significant process in the life of every young individual, is the most powerful tool for fostering the much needed positive changes in society, the Hastor Foundation has been continuously affirming its long-term mission for 14 years.

The long-term mission of the Hastor Foundation is primarily to strive to build a more stable and promising Bosnian-Herzegovinian society, a society based on right values, at the heart of which is the educational process itself. Recognizing the need to point the ideas, knowledge, talent and success of a young, ambitious person in the right direction, the direction of social responsibility and self-realization, the Hastor Foundation has evolved into the leading foundation of its kind throughout the region, in line with the exponential increase in the number of scholarship recipients.

In an effort to make small, but efficient steps towards a solid foundation for the advancement of young generations, and consequently for Bosnian-Herzegovinian society as a whole, 2.059 scholarship holders from all parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina have the support of the Hastor Foundation today. Speaking in this context, we are particularly proud of the fact that our current and former scholarship holders, whom we have followed from their school days to their college days, have become ambassadors and a direct reflection of philanthropy and all the noble aspirations and values ​​we in the Foundation promote, live by and strive to convey to all those who are in any way part of our work and to those who, as friends and benefactors, are committed to fulfilling our long-term mission. The most relevant and credible indicator of our progress is certainly the number of successfully implemented projects, positive life stories, as well as the constant significant achievements of our scholarship holders in all domains of social activity.

The Hastor Foundation’s fourteen years of existence have been marked by significant changes in terms of both the number of scholarship holders and the principles of its work, but its crucial goal has remained a constant and what distinguishes it from similar organizations – to create educated and noble individuals as the backbone of social progress.

Amina Vatreš