Education – the path to self-development

The first meeting of college student scholarship holders of the Hastor Foundation in 2020 was held on January 18, at the premises of ASA Prevent Group. The main hall was filled with students eager to spend quality time together, gain new knowledge and exchange opinions and experiences. This is precisely how this month’s meeting was spent, and our students had the opportunity to listen to an interesting and undoubtedly useful lecture by their colleague and our scholarship holder Adnan Hatibović.

Adnan Hatibović is a master’s student at the Department of Sociology at the Faculty of Philosophy in Sarajevo and he has been an active scholarship holder of the Hastor Foundation for the second year in a row. To give his contribution to the work of the Hastor Foundation, help his colleagues and bond with them, he decided to give a lecture on one of the currently most important topics with regard to the youth – education.

The focus of the lecture was on the role of education in modeling opinions and behavior. Therefore, the significance of education, as a life-long process, was discussed. In terms of the educational model present in our society, it can be concluded that the Bosnian-Herzegovinian concept of education resembles the encyclopedia concept, which implies simultaneously studying various science fields: natural and social sciences, humanities, etc.

Given that in this day and age education is the fundamental step towards accomplishing many goals, our lecturer talked about education as a specific work “equipment”, considering that secondary schools and universities are the most significant places where young people have the opportunity to acquire new knowledge and skills for the labor market, as well as to specialize in and develop numerous practical skills.

Together with Adnan, our scholarship holders reached the conclusion that there are numerous factors to be considered when it comes to success. First and foremost, in order to achieve a certain goal, which further leads to success, we must bear in mind the essential importance of knowledge, along with certain abilities and skills. Furthermore, in order to develop a successful persona, one needs a title, authority, acquaintances and appropriate behavior. It is an undeniable fact that all these factors play an equal role in the process of self-accomplishment.

The last part of Adnan’s lecture was focused on the concept of education that is purposeful and productive. In this regard, he mentioned the Humboldtian concept of university education, which implies active participation and involvement of pupils and students in the educational process. Such a model results in studying for the purpose of acquiring knowledge and making better people, who will develop themselves by developing critical thinking and the ability of independent reasoning.

The students present participated actively in the discussion with our lecturer and the meeting was brought to a close with the conclusion that self-development requires developing work habits, knowledge and skills, and encouraging spirituality and creativity, all of this being inseparable from certain moral values. We are proud to say that all the values mentioned are promoted and nurtured in our foundation on a daily basis, with the constant emphasis on the significance of education, which is in the Hastor Foundation seen as the choice of winners!

Maida Husnić