The monthly meeting of college student scholarship holders of the Hastor Foundation was held on Saturday, July 13. Students had the opportunity to attend a rather interesting lecture which will, undoubtedly, prove to be useful in the future.

We have all surely thought about the paths to be taken once we complete our formal education. Where to next and how? How to find employment? What is certain is that no job will wait for us. On the contrary, we are the ones who need to work hard to get the job we want.

This weekend, our guest at the premises of ASA Prevent Group was Zlatan Deljkić, HR Manager of ASA Insurance, the most fiercely growing domestic insurance company in BiH. Zlatan talked to students about the topic they are most interested in during this period: finding employment after completing formal education.

Being an experienced HR manager, Mr. Deljkić revealed to the students the secrets to a well-written CV and motivational letter, and ways to prepare for writing them. He also discussed with the students the details important to an employer while choosing the perfect candidate for a position, including the CV, motivational letter, interview, dress code, handshake, and all other small details which certainly make an impression on the employer.

Considering that his audience comprised students, mostly with no work experience, our lecturer also provided advice on how to compensate for the lack of experience. He stressed that it is quite important for students who will soon enter the labor market to engage in various informal activities besides their formal education, including volunteerism, student practices, start ups, various projects, conferences, seminars, etc.

Preparing for an interview and the potential questions and responses were included as an important part of the presentation, but also of the employer’s selection process. Being invited for an interview with the employer generally means that we are one step closer to achieving our goal, but it certainly does not mean that we got the job we want. The interview is an opportunity for the employer to check the accuracy of our CV and to see if we are the right person for a given position by asking us various questions. Zlatan used this opportunity to share with the students the questions that are most often used during a job interview, as well as the questions that candidates can ask the employer.

The quest for employment is not a simple one, and the labor market is more ruthless than ever before. Joining such an environment is completely different from what students usually imagine, which is why a lecture such as this one is necessary for young people who will find themselves on this path sooner or later. What is quite important is that we are well prepared for this phase of our lives, and with Zlatan’s priceless tips there is no doubt that we will be!

Džulisa Otuzbir