The Importance Of Communication And Presentation Skills

On Saturday, 2nd of July at headquarter of ASA Prevent group,  monthly meeting of students, Hastor Foundation scholars was held. Our guest was Vedran Persic, who shared his knowledge and experience about presentation and communication skills with our students.


Vedran is a department leader of marketing and communication at Sberbank BH and a former employee of ASA Prevent group and a long time friend of Hastor Foundation. Taking into account the fact that all students face the merciless labour market after finishing their schooling, we in Hastor Foundation make effort to prepare our students and train them for the challenges waiting for them in their professional careers. During this presentation, Vedran pointed out the importance of developing the communication skills, verbal and non-verbal communication, and emphasised the importance of the art of communication at one’s workplace, job interviews, but also in everyday communication. He gave advice to our students how to build their self-confidence, and put emphasis on education and constant upgrading of it, because, as he points out – knowledge is the basis of a successful communication, and self-confidence, skills, and eventually the success comes after it.

Communication objectives, manners of communication, how to overcome the fear of public speaking, basis and objectives of a good presentation were only a few topics our lecturer talked about. The answers and advice about them Vedran provided through the examples from his extensive work experience. This interactive presentation enabled our scholars to participate in the discussion, ask a question, give their comment or perhaps to seek advice from our lecturer. In the end, we all agreed that we took part in a useful lecture and learned about skills that are inevitable in every aspect of our life about which we, unfortunately, are not taught at our faculties.

Dž. Otuzbir