Scholarship Contracts Signed with 334 College Students from All across BH

On Saturday, the 10th of November, 2018, scholarship contracts with 334 college students from the all across BH were signed at the ASA Prevent Group premises. […]

“Delivering a lecture to the scholarship holders of the Hastor Foundation, rather than just ordinary students, is comparable to talking to Serena Williams, Ronaldo or Messi rather than just any athlete…“ – or in other words, you’ll succeed because you want it bad, everything else is just an excuse you tell to yourself

The monthly meeting of the college student scholarship holders of the Hastor Foundation is always held in the second week of the respective month. It was […]

Of Success and Life Goals – Nihad Bilic, Owner of “Best & Team” Company

Every month, as is usually the case, college student scholarship holders gather at the familiar spot in Sarajevo, where the monthly meeting takes place. In order […]

Let Us Learn from Each Other

On Saturday, 11th of August, this year’s eight meeting of the college student scholarship holders was held at the premises of ASA Prevent Group. This monthly […]

The Hastor Foundation’s Founder Receives the Honorary Heart of Sarajevo Award

Due to his long-standing work and effort, Mr. Nijaz Hastor won the hearts of many citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, both the younger and the older […]

The Hastor Foundation Presents Ambassador Cormack with a Special Recognition Award

Ambassador of the United States of America in BiH, H.E. Maureen E. Cormack, visited the headquarters of ASA Prevent Group in Sarajevo where she was received […]