“Do you want to be average? All of you who want to be average raise your hands,” Almir said to the college students. The silence in the ASA Group’s Main Assembly Hall was deafening. No hand went up. Not one of the scholarship holders of the Hastor Foundation is or wants to be average. Naturally, that is the main reason why they are here, among the best; in the Hastor Foundation.


On Saturday, 14th of January 2017. a monthly meeting of the scholarship holders was held at the main office of the Hastor Foundation. College students from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina eagerly come to Sarajevo to attend these unique gatherings hosted by our Foundation. During the meetings, the students get to know each other most frequently by sharing the experience they have gained during their volunteering hours spent with the primary and secondary school students. In addition, they expand their knowledge by participating in various lectures and workshops, not infrequently organized or hosted by the Foundation for their students’ benefit. Our guest for this month was Almir Mukača, the founder and the CEO of Fress company.

Almir is a young entrepreneur who has developed a system of delivering organic vegetables to the homes of all those who want to eat healthy, but have no time to purchase such produce themselves. The Fress concept, previously known to many by the name of Krompir.ba, evolved from the business, started by Almir and his brother Amel Mukača, of selling organic potato and subsequently other organic vegetables, over the internet. Today we are talking about a whole concept of healthy lifestyle, which is understood as minimizing, as much as possible, the stress and the time we spend on cooking after a long day at work.

It was not by mere chance that Almir was invited as our speaker today. He is an example of a successful, young entrepreneur who has boldly made his appearance in the business world despite prior inexperience in this field. Today, he is the owner and the CEO of a unique, flourishing company that is steadily gaining recognition even outside of Bosnia and Herzegovina. He was happy to share his life story and talk about his path to success. He points out that even as a young student he felt the need to go beyond the average, which is, unfortunately, a zone occupied by the majority of youth. For most of them, it doubles as a comfort zone that they dare not leave. Why is that so? It is mostly because they are afraid that they will fail or be judged by others. It is because of the lack of support as well as many other reasons that can hinder a young person. Almir expresses that his decision to invest in knowledge was the best investment he has ever made, and by saying so he has acknowledged the Foundation that has, over the last ten years, continuously invested in knowledge and helped to ensure a better future for all the young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Džulisa Otuzbir