Summer Holidays in the Netherlands

Since 2006, the Hastor Foundation and organization Kinderhulp Bosnie from the Netherlands have carried out a project called “Summer Holidays in the Netherlands”. Each year, children from socially vulnerable families of Bosnia and Herzegovina travel to the Netherlands for a three-week holiday and education. The Hastor Foundation has been helping in the participants’ selection of children and preparation of necessary papers. Scholarship holders-volunteers of the Foundation accompany the children on their trip to the Netherlands as attendants.

Srcem za BiH (With Heart for BiH)

Due to the floods which hit Bosnia and Herzegovina in May 2014, the Hastor Foundation, together with ASA and Prevent Group, has established Srcem za BiH ('With Heart for BiH) Fund and in that way joined the process of aid distribution to flood-affected areas as an active participant. Activities of this fund were reflected in three types of programs: intervention, housing and sustainability. The work effort of Srcem za BiH Fund was recognized by many other companies, including the Robert Bosch Stiftung, Samen Sterk, Gorenje and Sparkasse Bank. Through joint actions, Srcem za BiH Fund has alleviated effects of the floods and ensured sustainable recovery in the areas affected by this disaster.

Takt Academy

The Hastor Foundation in collaboration with the Prilika Plus (Opportunity Plus) and the Embassy of Switzerland in Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as with the leading companies from BiH automotive industry has launched the 'Takt Academy'. The aim of the program is to provide training and human resources whose knowledge and skills will be adapted to work with the latest technologies in leading companies in BiH and the region, namely: Prevent Group, Bekto Precisa, Mann Hummel, Cimos and others.

Brave Kids

Young artists of the Hastor Foundation had a chance to take part in the Brave Kids festival which was held in Poland, and they stayed there for 3 weeks.

Prilika Plus

Through this program, "skills for job" will be developed in accordance with the needs of seven different industries in BiH.

Flood Relief Coordination Forum in cooperation with UNDP

In June 2014, the Hastor Foundation had organized the Flood Relief Coordination Forum in cooperation with UNDP. The forum was attended by over 100 participants – representatives of the private sector and the international community.

How to develop human resources for the needs of prosperous industries in BiH

In April 2014, in cooperation with the project Prilika Plus and, we organized a panel discussion on how to develop human resources for the needs of prosperous industries in BiH.

My league

Sports league of secondary schools organized by the "Ministry of Education, Science and Youth“ together with the Hastor Foundation.

Broom sweeping against violence

Cleaning action of both spirit and environment, aimed at preventing youth violence.